OCB DatasetsΒΆ

OCBs must be obtained from observations for this coordinate transformation. Data from three auroral instruments provide northern hemisphere OCB locations for 3 May 2000 03:01:42 UT - 22 Aug 2002 00:01:28, though not all of the times included in these files contain high-quality estimations of the OCB. Recommended selection criteria are included as defaults in the OCBoundary class. You can read more about the OCB determination and this selection criteria in Chisham (2017). The three auroral instruments are the IMAGE FUV Spectrographic Imager SI12 and SI13, as well as the Wideband Imaging Camera (WIC),.

The OCB datasets can be found in ocbpy/boundaries.

OCB datasets can also be obtained from AMPERE (Active Magnetosphere and Planetary Electrodynamics Response Experiment) data. This data is not currently publically available, but may be in the near future. One benefit of this dataset is that OCBs can be obtained for both hemispheres. More information about the method behind the identification of these boundaries can be found in Milan et al. (2015),.